About the Amaranth Art Barn

The Artbarn (AiA) is an art space located in the mountains of rural, Western Pennsylvania dedicated to hosting artists-in-residence and presenting their works and those of other local artists. The Artbarn brings together the beauty of the Appalachian countryside with artists interested in creating within such an environment. The AiA is designed to provide a peaceful, comfortable, and inspiring locale for resident artists.

The barn includes a living quarters (a bedroom, bath, and a living/dining/kitchen area) as well as work, display, and storage space. The Artbarn was built to reflect the simple beauty of the old barns still peppering the landscapes in the Amaranth area. Whenever possible, the Artbarn structure has included alternative energy sources and environmentally friendly products. The completed barn combines the area’s simple forms and natural materials with today’s technology and new materials that meet environmental and energy goals.

The Artbarn will host two visual artists (painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers) annually, one in the spring and one in the fall. Each residency will be from two to three weeks long. Though most of the resident’s time will be for creating, each resident will be expected to have a minimum of one program for local artists or the public or a display of his/her work during the residency. The Artbarn in Amaranth will be open for these purposes from April to early June and then from late September until mid-November. The resident artists will receive a stipend from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the length of the residency. A panel (drawn from among artists, gallery owners, art historians, and administrators) will recommend artists for the residencies. The Artbarn Board will make the selections from among the recommended artists.